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Our partnership with Gojek has led us to be part of a transformative journey, where technology meets everyday convenience. Through a comprehensive range of innovative solutions, we’ve redefined how people experience Transport & Logistics, indulge in Food & Shopping, handle Payments, cater to Daily Needs, and engage with Business and News & Entertainment.

Gojek: A Showcase of Seamless Solutions

As passionate technologists at TechuApps, we’ve embarked on the mission to elevate Gojek’s offerings. Our expertise has been channeled into developing solutions that cater to diverse needs, ensuring seamless user experiences and simplifying complex processes.

The Gojek portfolio is a testament to our shared vision of transforming lives through technology. From creating efficient transportation solutions to enabling effortless payments and beyond, our partnership with Gojek signifies the fusion of innovation and utility.

Our association with Gojek has been driven by a shared commitment to enhancing lives through technology. By harnessing the power of innovation, we’ve played a pivotal role in revolutionizing how people access transportation, indulge in culinary delights, manage payments, meet daily necessities, and engage with multifaceted aspects of life.

Our Role

Our Role





Our secret recipe

The requirements of our client were unique and very specific. And the industry was intensely competitive, and the margin of error was very tiny. We did a thorough research of the industry, matched the requirements with the existing technology stacks, and delivered a cutting-edge solution that revolutionized the entire insurance industry. We deployed Flutter for the front end, and Python for the backend, which ensured top-of-the-class performance.


Empowering Progress, Transforming Lives

Experience the future of convenience with Gojek application. From transport to payments, daily needs to entertainment, we're here to empower your life, one tap at a time


Seamless Solutions, Limitless Possibilities

Gojek brings the power of innovation to your fingertips. Dive into a world of seamless solutions that enhance every facet of your daily journey.


Shaping Tomorrow, Today

Elevate your everyday experiences with Gojek versatile application. Explore a multitude of solutions catering to diverse needs, all within the convenience of a single app.



Working with TechuApps on our application has been nothing short of transformative. Their commitment to innovation, user experience, and seamless functionality is evident in every aspect of the app. From the diverse range of solutions to the intuitive interface, they've truly crafted an application that has become an integral part of our daily lives.

TechuApps x Gojek: Unveiling Solutions, Ushering Transformation


Embrace a hassle-free journey with DoorDash's easy signup process and straightforward interface. With a single application catering to all your needs, from cab services to food orders, discover the convenience of having everything in one place. Say goodbye to complexity and hello to a unified, user-friendly experience.


Choose from a vast array of services with DoorDash's diverse categories. Whether you need a cab or are craving your favorite meal, our app ensures you're covered. Stay in the loop with real-time notifications, receiving updates at every step of the way, ensuring you're always informed and up-to-date.


Effortlessly manage your account details with DoorDash's intuitive tools. Keep track of your information and navigate through your settings with ease. Our app empowers you to efficiently manage your account, ensuring you have complete control over your preferences and choices.

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