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For anyone who embodies the spirit of a champion, we created Eventbright. We’re all about providing you with the tools and resources to sell tickets faster and more efficiently than ever before. On this platforms, you’ll find everything you need—powerful software that simplifies your ticket sales and marketing efforts.

Making Event Booking & Planning Simplified

Eventbrite is the leading events management and growth platform helping creators and entrepreneurs thrive. Our mission is to help people connect to create meaningful experiences, in moments that matter. On Eventbrite, you can discover thousands of festivals, classes, sports and social gatherings to attend throughout the world, reserve your ticket to the event and reach an audience of millions using our marketing tools.

Eventbright Let you Connected with attendees and keep them engaged with email marketing tools, notifications, and real-time insights. Easily post and manage your online or in-person events on a trusted platform, and build a seamless attendee experience that elevates your brand.

We bring together the best of live experiences. With our Eventful platforms, you and your community can experience more opportunities to connect, share and enjoy.

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 Our client had a very specific and unique set of requirements. The industry was intensely competitive, and the margin of error was very tiny. Doing a thorough research of the existing technology stacks, we matched the requirements with the existing technology stacks, and delivered a cutting-edge solution that revolutionized the entire insurance industry. We deployed Flutter & Android for the front end, and AWS for the backend. This ensured top-of-the-class performance.


Grow your Attendance

Our unique events marketplace helps in connecting with millions of people who want to discover things to do, whether it’s an intimate dinner party or an epic concert. From the biggest music festivals in the world to outdoor adventures, events and more, Eventbrite is where fans find experiences.


Increase Community to Engage

Stay in touch with your attendees with real-time email marketing tools, registration and survey notifications that get results, and real-time insights.


Host Event Seamlessly

Easily manage an event online or in-person with all the tools and resources you need. Eventbright empower to create a seamless attendee experience that elevates your brand, simplifies logistics and creates efficiency for attendees.



We created an app for EventBright that make Event Booking and Host Seamless. Extending the reach of digital experiences, we enabled more community to connect with Event Planner. With this app, make any Event more Enjoyable and Grand.

Discover Popular Event & Early Insights to any Host Events


Find what’s new and hot in your city, neighborhood, or community. Find events like concerts and sports games, live music venues and band listings, art shows and exhibits from all over the world—all on our free app.


You'll have everything you need to know about your event with this mobile app. The app allows you to discover the event, find out transportation details and other attendees, invite friends and share on Facebook or Twitter.


Add upcoming events to your Calendar with just a few simple steps. From the event details page, choose the "Add to Calendar" button and then decide what calendar you want to add it to. That's it! You can easily share your plans with other people (such as friends and family) who might be attending the same event.

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