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eGurukul, born from the collaboration between DBMCI and TechuApps, is your digital companion in the journey of medical and dental education. We’ve harnessed the power of technology to empower students like you to optimize your time and embark on a seamless preparation journey that defies physical boundaries.

eGurukul: Where Learning Knows No Limits

TechuApps and DBMCI unite to create eGurukul, an ingenious platform designed exclusively for medical and dental students. With eGurukul, your learning knows no bounds – access a realm of services and meticulously curated preparation materials tailored to meet the unique needs of medical and dental aspirants.
Immerse yourself in the flexibility of eGurukul, where learning follows you wherever you are. This groundbreaking app liberates you from the confines of your desk. Whether it’s NEET-PG, INI CET, NEET-SS, FMGE, or MDS, eGurukul supplements your exam preparation seamlessly, allowing you to utilize every spare moment effectively.

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Our Role





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Clinical question bank with 35000+ questions, including image-based. Questions will be in the form of problem solving, comprehension analysis, recall- based of NEET PG, NEXT pattern and multiple. Our mission was clear: to create a captivating UI/UX experience that would resonate with users on a profound level. Leveraging the extensive user research conducted by RipenApps’ dedicated design team, we delved deep into understanding the users’ preferences and requirements. This guided us towards crafting an application that not only meets their needs but also exudes an irresistible charm.


Transforming Visions into Virtual Reality

Through meticulous development, we've transformed your vision into a dynamic virtual reality on your website. Every pixel speaks to the expertise and dedication we bring to the table. Navigate a digital landscape that's a true reflection of your brand, engaging users and driving results.


Coding Excellence, Crafting Impact

With a mastery of coding and a keen eye for design, we've created a website that's more than just code – it's an impactful digital experience. From the seamless user interface to the cutting-edge functionality, our development journey ensures your website is at the forefront of online innovation.


Elevating Brands Digitally

Our development prowess has culminated in a website that's more than an online platform – it's a digital brand elevation. Crafting an interactive user experience, we've woven together technology and creativity to amplify your online presence. Experience a website that truly showcases the essence of your brand.



We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the entire TechuApps team for their unwavering commitment to delivering a website that embodies our brand identity. It's not just a website; it's an online platform that resonates with our audience and propels our digital presence to new heights.

..... Nachiket Bhatia - Co Founder

Making Student Onboarding Easy While Supporting Marketing and Promotion Efforts


Navigate our app with ease and discover a comprehensive array of courses catering to your interests. Our user-friendly interface ensures smooth app navigation, enabling you to explore a wide range of educational offerings effortlessly.


Immerse yourself in the world of live learning by streaming lectures in real time. Engage with educators, ask questions, and clear doubts on the spot. Our app fosters dynamic interaction, bridging the gap between you and your instructors seamlessly.


Sharpen your knowledge through practice with our app's mock test and Q&A features. Test your understanding, solve questions, and fine-tune your skills in a virtual setting. The app provides a platform for effective practice, ensuring you're fully prepared for academic success.

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